Monday, October 09, 2006

Why "FreakyKids?"

So, this web I'm starting with the wondrous help of some designer friends, is called When I was in the process of trademarking the name, the examiner at the Patent & Trademark Office wanted to make a note that we couldn't reserve the word 'kids' since that was just our product type. She was thinking GapKids or something, I guess. It took a bit of convincing to get her to see that our name is more like Twisted Sister than the gappies. I explained that we are the freaky kids. Yes, us, the ones making the stuff. True, those of you who like us and who wear Fk gear may identify with the FreakyKids tag, but on the subject of the name, we are they. Them is us. I am we. From the start and as it evermore shall be, we are the Freakykids.

If you're an artist or work in a creative area, you probably understand what it means to be outside the bounds of convention. Most of my friends who possess the creative essence at their core relate to being an outsider at some point in life. It's not just about not being 'in' or cool, it's more about feeling different because of how we see things, feel and express things. It also speaks to what's going on in us as we translate the vibes that others don't see into the realm of the senses. That's how i define art, in very basic terms. Translating the unseen into the sensory plane. And now, here's the breathier version.

I see artists as translators of the soul of a culture from the languages of heart and spirit into the sensory arena of the now. Without art, we have little if any idea who we are because most people don't 'see' what is real behind the curtain in the land of the betweens. I think that's one big reasons why artists who touch many people with their work become objects of worship. People marvel at the ability to articulate, in whatever medium, what they know is true about the human experience, but are otherwise unable to express. Artists are the ‘freaky kids’ who conjure the facets of what it is to be human in all our forms and on all the levels on which we exist. Artists are the oracles and the seers among us, bending our minds, speaking our hearts, painting our fears, dancing our rage, acting out our fears and confusion, and displaying our deepest pains and our most sublime joy. From what they create and reveal, we’re enabled to experience the core of what it is to be both human and among those touched by the divine. Look around you and remember - everything you see has been touched by an artist. POW! How cool is that, earth angels?

Thought for the Day: If artists have a reputation of being a eccentric, a little otherworldly and occasionally flighty, the universal creator must be some kind of uber freak! Oo. I just love that! Peace. -t.

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Cristina said...

You guys rock!!!