Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sing Anyway, for a Cause!

Thanks for further investigating what FreakyKids is doing to benefit victims of child sexual abuse. While I have strong feelings about all our designs, for the moment they're the most palpable when it comes to "Sing Anyway."

As an adult survivor of child sexual abuse (by trusted non-family adults), my heart is HUGE toward those who are in that dark place right now. My prayer is that they can soon find their way through the brutality of mind, body, soul and spirit that has been their reality and step into a new tomorrow. If Fk can do some small amount to help their cause and/or lend them our voice, we will do it.

As you already know, Sing Anyway, features a hunkered down little sparrow perched on a strand of barbed wire. As with many people who appreciate the image, our birdie evokes in me a deep and visceral response. For me, it's a gut-level sense of toughing it out when life is bleak. Then, when I look down to the text, I recall that it is unquestionably a message of strength and hope and endurance. I'm reminded to unleash my voice to sing, unclench my hands to reach, unburden my heart to love, open my mind to fly and my eyes to see good again. Because when I battle to protect my own voice and use it, I have found that I can bear up under struggles that buckle the knees of others who merely contemplate where I've been, where I am now or where I may be going. And in my singing, others can find strength, as well. Same goes for you. Just try it and see.

FreakyKids will donate a portion of profits generated from all Sing Anyway gear to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network ("RAINN"). http://www.rainn.org. As sales of Sing Anyway gear develop, we will consider other causes to support which also work in areas consistent with the Sing Anyway theme. Thanks so much for your consideration and support.

Spread the word about Sing Anyway gear!


-Topher Allen

"Sing Anyway" is TM and (c) of FreakyKids. 2006 All Rights (and lefts) Reserved.

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