Sunday, March 18, 2007


Hey, all. I know you may have different weather where you are, but it sure feels like spring here in Nashvegas, USA. I'm wishing some of it your way right now if your still dealing with winter cold and dreariness.

Thinking of spring and life and beauty, I want to hype this one particular design, "Breathe." It has all those flavors. Ladies love it and look incredible in any one of our three shirts - heather tunic, long sleeve raglan v-neck or this one, an incredibly cute short sleeve stripe. Check them out for yourself or score points with that special girl in your life. Okay. I know. Enough hokey marketing speak. Oo! But dare I say the pink and blue camo GodZilla tees are bright and fun and sunny, too!

Peace, love and flowers in her hair,

-Topher Allen/

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

These guys ROCK hard!

We LOVES thems dudes at 70*7. What can I say? Check it out. You'll be hooked. Here are two of their latest offerings. Sweets of the healthiest variety. Taste and see that the yum is YUM!