Friday, April 13, 2007

And There Appeared A Sign!

He has set a sign in the heavens just for me. Bold, but true. Never mind that it is virtual, remote, impersonal and wholly artificial. I believe you should take divine notice when it come and however it may arrive. Hey. I'm not talking about seeing a holy etching on the surface of a HotPocket or something goofy. My sign is right out there in green and white for all to see. No interpretation required.

As many of us have realized after seasons of deep visceral churning, as well as from years spent consuming exotic dishes made from scratch by the loving hands of believers in the arts, right there at the intersection of faith and art there is something special. It is the fusion, if you will, of two of the most magnificent elements in the universe. Belief and creativity revealed. Power meeting power. I know this to be a rock solid truth and now it has been confirmed. When faith and art collide they often produce unpredictable amounts of, of, well, flatulence. See for yourself. It's right there on the sign. You see it? Tip your head to the left a little. Got it? Yeah. Clear as a bell.

Honestly, I think this is very funny. Really. Truly. For one thing, how did this get by a final edit and didn't ANYONE but the sick person on the other end of this computer laugh? And loudly? Please tell me they did because if not, things are much worse than I expected. I know it's adolescent, but I can't help it. And another thing, doesn't this sum up much of what we've been feeling, thinking, struggling with and yapping about for years?! If we are candid, this sign is right on, way, way too often. I know. I know. Be NICE. I'm not being judgmental or critical; I am simply enjoying a much needed laugh. All hail the intersection of Faith & Art! Let the fusion continue!

In closing, I have but one question: Is there Beano for this condition?