Friday, April 13, 2007

And There Appeared A Sign!

He has set a sign in the heavens just for me. Bold, but true. Never mind that it is virtual, remote, impersonal and wholly artificial. I believe you should take divine notice when it come and however it may arrive. Hey. I'm not talking about seeing a holy etching on the surface of a HotPocket or something goofy. My sign is right out there in green and white for all to see. No interpretation required.

As many of us have realized after seasons of deep visceral churning, as well as from years spent consuming exotic dishes made from scratch by the loving hands of believers in the arts, right there at the intersection of faith and art there is something special. It is the fusion, if you will, of two of the most magnificent elements in the universe. Belief and creativity revealed. Power meeting power. I know this to be a rock solid truth and now it has been confirmed. When faith and art collide they often produce unpredictable amounts of, of, well, flatulence. See for yourself. It's right there on the sign. You see it? Tip your head to the left a little. Got it? Yeah. Clear as a bell.

Honestly, I think this is very funny. Really. Truly. For one thing, how did this get by a final edit and didn't ANYONE but the sick person on the other end of this computer laugh? And loudly? Please tell me they did because if not, things are much worse than I expected. I know it's adolescent, but I can't help it. And another thing, doesn't this sum up much of what we've been feeling, thinking, struggling with and yapping about for years?! If we are candid, this sign is right on, way, way too often. I know. I know. Be NICE. I'm not being judgmental or critical; I am simply enjoying a much needed laugh. All hail the intersection of Faith & Art! Let the fusion continue!

In closing, I have but one question: Is there Beano for this condition?


Sunday, March 18, 2007


Hey, all. I know you may have different weather where you are, but it sure feels like spring here in Nashvegas, USA. I'm wishing some of it your way right now if your still dealing with winter cold and dreariness.

Thinking of spring and life and beauty, I want to hype this one particular design, "Breathe." It has all those flavors. Ladies love it and look incredible in any one of our three shirts - heather tunic, long sleeve raglan v-neck or this one, an incredibly cute short sleeve stripe. Check them out for yourself or score points with that special girl in your life. Okay. I know. Enough hokey marketing speak. Oo! But dare I say the pink and blue camo GodZilla tees are bright and fun and sunny, too!

Peace, love and flowers in her hair,

-Topher Allen/

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

These guys ROCK hard!

We LOVES thems dudes at 70*7. What can I say? Check it out. You'll be hooked. Here are two of their latest offerings. Sweets of the healthiest variety. Taste and see that the yum is YUM!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bryan Ballinger Cracks Me Up!

How about some lite and fluffy goodness? If you didn't know, Bryan Ballinger is a close friend of ours and a reigning 3D wizard. Out of the benevolence of his heart he graces us mud people with his genius and insight, and now teaches design at a small college in Indiana. (An awesome cover for a wizard, ya know.) Bryan is the designer behind our GodZilla shirts, the upcoming BugSoldier and has an endless supply of creativity and off-beat delectability I completely savor. I think these digi-paintings are gorgeous! And there's way more than just these!

Just for fun, here are a few of the BBall pieces that FreakyKids wants to run as prints/posters later this year. These are from a super hero series done for Check out Bryan and DGs via our "Links" department down and to the right. Lot's of cool stuff by artists of various stripes, several of whom are FreakyFriends.



Friday, February 23, 2007

Grateful? Yeah, I guess so...

I am not a habitually grateful human bean. Are you? With me, I'd want to argue that part of it is understandable. It's related to "my calling." [ha!] I love to analyze things that need fixing, oppose injustice and greed, to shine bright light on the supposedly good or benign to expose the falsehood beneath the surface. Some might say I like to joust at windmills practicing while I wait for a true dragon to wander by.

In all the froth, I probably do forget what I'm actually "for" in life. What it is that I like about life and living that keeps me bound to this traveling circus. In my day after day existing, the deep seated thankfulness usually goes unnoticed and almost always unexpressed. It's in there, behind the war of words, deep thinking, and jousting armor. I just need to stop and see it, hear it, feel it and let someone know about it. I know from experience that the ungrateful life is a dry and miserable one. What do you think? Where are you with gratitude?

In the name of being thankful, I'm going to put up, because I certainly can't consider shutting up. Here are a few things that feel solidly in the center of my gratitude circle. Take a few minutes and see what's in yours. It may be time.

Wes, Jon, water, sunshine, birds, good flip-flops, Holly, justice, autum, Paul, Josh, QP, good coffee, Thai food, my brain and sanity (what remains of both), my health (ditto), God (near and far), cherries and tart berries, mercy, kisses, the FreakyKids vision and opportunity to do some good, my new old car (even though it doesn't run yet), a day on a farm in WI, a good hike in the woods, the smell of fresh cut grass, fishing with my boys or brothers, being on the lake before sunset, singing, my sisters, making, enjoying, and buying art, writing (including poetry), helping people figure out life issues and get unstuck...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Watch Your Language!

Hello, it's me...

I've recently been advised that my lingo may be flying too stratospheric of late. Ya think? Maybe so. If that's the case, I solomly pledge that, "On my honor, I will do my best, to do my duty, to speak in plain language at all times." Okay? I refuse to say whether my right hand was raised or not, though.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith - No Tragedy Here

Amid the thousands of options, I like these two pictures of sister Anna. They are so atypical of the dominant images she presented to the media over the years of her alleged celebrity. Plaid and sad cowgirl, with the far away eyes and edible candy necklace is my hands down favorite. Enough is enough, "Talk to the hand," speaks it's own volumes.

Without question, Anna Nicole sent the media engraved invitations to her performance. She became gluttonously fixated on their fixation. She exploited and benefited from the symbiosis, although I imagine she came to deeply resent their parasitic existence following her son's death, if not sooner. Her insatiable pattern is no surprise. Her death at 39 should not be either. Addiction is addiction is addiction, no matter how big the pay day or how bright the lipstick. Addiction is the surface manifestation of deep truth, hidden from view and deathly afraid of the light. Left untreated, it's a dead bang killer, natural born and nursed to beastly proportion through self-medication.

We all know today's "press" has no off button, other than signs that the cash is drying up around one of their overly whipped posts. It's the one and only switch capable of shutting down the lights and killing the power on the magnifying telescopes of these voyeur cannibals.

The death of Anna Nicole Smith is no tragedy. Tragedy necessarily involves the conclusive overtaking of a protagonist by the superior evil it has valiantly battled. Anna's death is very sad, regrettable and unfortunate. But Anna was in bed with the unnatural force that made her and eventually broke her down. It is the all too predictable closing chapter of a troubled life arrested by serial flirtations with all manner of identity crises and lack of grounding in reality. That is to say, she had too much of the faux reality of the material universe and far to little of that which is ultimately genuine and completing. The stuff that lives beyond shape and form, and that which neither eyes nor cameras can never hope to capture.

I hope Anna is at peace. I have no such wish for the scavengers and zombies who will no doubt whip the carcass of her life cut short until it flows with water instead of green blood. Show some human dignity. What am I saying? I'm talking about the media machine!

I want to leave you with a personal favorite line from someone who learned a little bit about over-exposure to artificial light. And in his case, as compared to Anna Nicole and a good many other mortals, there was a vast and porous surface on which the light could land and lose itself. He was much adrift, but that's for another post. I don't know if you've noticed, but we humans don't seem to possess the constitution to bear up under the worship and adulation of other mud people. It merely increases the rate of entropy and magnifies the gross imperfections so painfully obvious to us as we view ourselves in even the smallest flicker of candlelight.

Can you give me sanctuary?
I must find a place to hide;
a place for me to hide."
-Jim Morrison (1943-1971)


Friday, February 09, 2007

This Is Some Sad Funny!

Here's the thing. I am no angelic being. I am by no means saintly in the Mother Theresa vein. In fact, I don't prefer to use the culturally overburdened term, "Christian," as a personal descriptor. As brand drivers go, assuming high anointed status or even direct Christ-like affiliation is from here to Pluto beyond my grasp. (And btw, Poor Pluto! And now a quick moment of silence for the Pluto formerly known as Planet.) As for me, I'll just hang a "believer" dog tag around my neck and leave it at that. For this much I know. I do, fairly unequivocally, believe at least a few times each year. And no, heavens no. I'm not trying to pick on anyone or any group of someones. However, if you want me to it can be arranged along with brunch. Kidding about the former, the latter, not so much. Is there a debater out there? Present thyself and let's bring it.

Scurfing about, I came upon this Sherwin Schwartzrock illustration at (Look! It's right down there.) It's bloworthiness was unmistakable. That's right, bloworthy, defined by me as, "possessing the traits and qualities of something grand to stick with pen knife and about which I can then spew." It's beautiful and tragic. Woe. Woe. Woe.

Comes now our hero, one cute, spiffy, clean-cut and quite pleased with himself Christian guy presenting his, "Amazing Christian Comic Book," to the be-sandled and befuddled Jesus. The author's self adulation brims off the book cover, as well as his face. He made a comic book for Jesus! And BOY-HOWDY is he proud of it. Problem is, it's stinko poopie.

If I were writing thought bubbles for this one, Jesus would have clouds swirling about his noggin..."Hmm. Okay. Cool. [Be affirming. Look pleased. Pat him on the head.] This is, what, like the 1369th one of these things I've gotten this month? I keep telling these guys I'm not publishing or endorsing this sort of thing. Per usual, White Horse Press digs the allegorical, the parabolic well-woven manuscript, not this overt obviousness. Dad and I are all about story and plot and and character development, life lessons and killer illo's. Besides, have you seen some of that Dark Horse stuff lately? Whoa."

I know. Harsh. But if you've got something great, let it sing to everyone, man and mouse, woman and child. If it's rot, slapping a branding sticker on the cover doesn't redeem the lack of quality or increase the readership to the world at large. (As opposed to the world at small, i.e., Christians being scared of mainstream markets and opting for the brethren as a target market.) Repeat after me, "...wood hay and stubble. Wood hay and stubble..."

I laugh. I cry. I go in peace having thrown the first stone...

Friday, February 02, 2007

A Wee Print Ad for

Guten Tag! Just a quick note to let you know that your fave FreakyKids will have a small ad in the March issue of CCM Magazine. This is due to the kindness of our great friends at Smooches! Oh. There's the ad now! Right there. Look closely. See it, down there in the left corner? Yeah! That's it. And yes, Norbit, that is, in actual fact, an original Cole13 (aka, Josh Cole) design.

So, there you go. Freak-on!



Saturday, January 27, 2007

More Faces of Badness...

Sorry about the cryptic last post. Those, similar to these only different, sorta, are flying devil TV sets spewing lies and deceit into the hearts of humanity, especially we Americanos so dedicated to enriching our lives with drivel, voyeurism, strategically implanted agnst, new and improved longings for what we don't have (and probably shouldn't have) and that cancerous, though undying hope of one day being gorgeous and successful like Ken & Barbie, Versions 90210.

(c) 2007, "The Insatiable Machine." All copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property rights reserved in order to preserve all exploitation potentialities aimed at sucking still more cash from the already overly indebted pockets of the consuming masses. -Oh, my.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Where did that last week go? It was here and then I misplaced it, I guess.

Thanks for your support of and what we're doing over there. I'm cautiously enthusiastic about how things are rolling. Not having ever been pregnant I can't say for sure, but getting this thing online felt a bit like birthing a porcupine with some attendant after-the-fact recovery required. (I know. I know. I have NO frickin' idea about birthing whatsoever, let alone a spikey animal.) In any case, I'm baaack and looking at new designs and new artists to craft them for the Fk shoppe. Here we go! Wee.

Here are a few designs we're looking to print fairly soon. Let me know what you think, if you wanna.

Peace and see you at the store.

-Topher Allen

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Won't U Please Come In!

The day has arrived and is open for biz. Yay!

Jigantasourus thanks to Paul Conrad for his fab design work (and for his steady encouragement), Eric and RonneLand for all their help with the site, Josh Cole for the killer pix, and to all those who gave me the strength to do this. You are beauties, one and all!

I would love to say more about what this means to me and what I see for FreakyKids, but I'm worn out from sorting and folding shirts. More tomorrow. I promise. For now, buy a shirt or ten and thanks for stopping. Do let us know what's on your mind.

Peace within,

-topher allen