Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sing Anyway, for a Cause!

Thanks for further investigating what FreakyKids is doing to benefit victims of child sexual abuse. While I have strong feelings about all our designs, for the moment they're the most palpable when it comes to "Sing Anyway."

As an adult survivor of child sexual abuse (by trusted non-family adults), my heart is HUGE toward those who are in that dark place right now. My prayer is that they can soon find their way through the brutality of mind, body, soul and spirit that has been their reality and step into a new tomorrow. If Fk can do some small amount to help their cause and/or lend them our voice, we will do it.

As you already know, Sing Anyway, features a hunkered down little sparrow perched on a strand of barbed wire. As with many people who appreciate the image, our birdie evokes in me a deep and visceral response. For me, it's a gut-level sense of toughing it out when life is bleak. Then, when I look down to the text, I recall that it is unquestionably a message of strength and hope and endurance. I'm reminded to unleash my voice to sing, unclench my hands to reach, unburden my heart to love, open my mind to fly and my eyes to see good again. Because when I battle to protect my own voice and use it, I have found that I can bear up under struggles that buckle the knees of others who merely contemplate where I've been, where I am now or where I may be going. And in my singing, others can find strength, as well. Same goes for you. Just try it and see.

FreakyKids will donate a portion of profits generated from all Sing Anyway gear to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network ("RAINN"). http://www.rainn.org. As sales of Sing Anyway gear develop, we will consider other causes to support which also work in areas consistent with the Sing Anyway theme. Thanks so much for your consideration and support.

Spread the word about Sing Anyway gear!


-Topher Allen

"Sing Anyway" is TM and (c) of FreakyKids. 2006 All Rights (and lefts) Reserved.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Please remember to Breathe!

Come now ye weary and bare your witness to another sweet design from the fall & winter collection of the FreakyKids. This one for the ladies is called, 'Breathe,' cause most of us need a reminder to do it intentionally, deeply; taking in life to fuel our hopes and pursue our dreams. Or to avoid passing out. That one's more for us guys, though.

Breathe will be available for purchase at www.FreakyKids.com as of December 1st. I'm going to start out printing it on a gray/white horizontal stripe V neck, along with a grey heather long sleeve and a deep V tunic of the same fabric and color. All of the pieces are from Alternative Apparel. Hope you enjoy your Breathing.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Liars! at FreakyKids.com

I got the initial idea and concept for this design from the Chevelle song, 'Comfortable Liar.' I highly recommend the song and the band, btw.

If we're honest, which seems only right when discussing lying, most of us lie once in a while. It's not news and we're not proud of it. However, some among us are VERY comfortable torturing the truth. Can you hear it shrieking in pain? These people are so comfortable lying that they make a career out of it. You can see them in action, weaving their comfortable fabrications on a daily basis. Watch tv and and try to pick them out with your friends. Keep score. Award prizes. Hey, let's form a fantasy league! Just don't buy from, vote for or do things to benefit these people. Peace. -t.

So Many Comfortable Liars, by John Boyd

Friday, October 13, 2006

Opening December 1st (or so)!

Check out these sneak peeks of a few COOL tees coming to a computer screen (and human body) near you! Many more to come.

Super Robot Monster, by Paul Conrad
Little Zilla, by Bryan Ballinger
Sing Anyway, by John Boyd

Monday, October 09, 2006

Why "FreakyKids?"

So, this web I'm starting with the wondrous help of some designer friends, is called FreakyKids.com. When I was in the process of trademarking the name, the examiner at the Patent & Trademark Office wanted to make a note that we couldn't reserve the word 'kids' since that was just our product type. She was thinking GapKids or something, I guess. It took a bit of convincing to get her to see that our name is more like Twisted Sister than the gappies. I explained that we are the freaky kids. Yes, us, the ones making the stuff. True, those of you who like us and who wear Fk gear may identify with the FreakyKids tag, but on the subject of the name, we are they. Them is us. I am we. From the start and as it evermore shall be, we are the Freakykids.

If you're an artist or work in a creative area, you probably understand what it means to be outside the bounds of convention. Most of my friends who possess the creative essence at their core relate to being an outsider at some point in life. It's not just about not being 'in' or cool, it's more about feeling different because of how we see things, feel and express things. It also speaks to what's going on in us as we translate the vibes that others don't see into the realm of the senses. That's how i define art, in very basic terms. Translating the unseen into the sensory plane. And now, here's the breathier version.

I see artists as translators of the soul of a culture from the languages of heart and spirit into the sensory arena of the now. Without art, we have little if any idea who we are because most people don't 'see' what is real behind the curtain in the land of the betweens. I think that's one big reasons why artists who touch many people with their work become objects of worship. People marvel at the ability to articulate, in whatever medium, what they know is true about the human experience, but are otherwise unable to express. Artists are the ‘freaky kids’ who conjure the facets of what it is to be human in all our forms and on all the levels on which we exist. Artists are the oracles and the seers among us, bending our minds, speaking our hearts, painting our fears, dancing our rage, acting out our fears and confusion, and displaying our deepest pains and our most sublime joy. From what they create and reveal, we’re enabled to experience the core of what it is to be both human and among those touched by the divine. Look around you and remember - everything you see has been touched by an artist. POW! How cool is that, earth angels?

Thought for the Day: If artists have a reputation of being a eccentric, a little otherworldly and occasionally flighty, the universal creator must be some kind of uber freak! Oo. I just love that! Peace. -t.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Artists Every Where!

Unless you're sitting naked in the woods reading a transcription of this on a piece of bark marked by charcoal stick, everything around you, everything you're touching, seeing, tasting (keep it clean) and probably hearing has been touched by an artist. Designers are in my humble estimation, the most ubiquitous professionals in our lives. One of them designed your car, couch and computer; your underwear, umbrella and your unicycle; your glasses, gummy bears and that damn google icon; and yes, even the imprint on your toilet paper. Someone took their precious time and talent to design little flower art on that soft cushy paper used for swabbing nastiness. America is wonderful, indeed.

And do you find this at all surprising? Not the tush art, you spaz, the universality of art and artists. They are everywhere! But you don't see these anonymous immortals, do you? (Or do you?) Later on, when I have more time I'll tell you what I think about where they are and why. For now, let's just grab (in the best sense of the word) the closest artist and give them a hugenormous hug, kiss, handshake, wink, bonus, raise, paid vacation or whatever gesture of fondness and gratitude may be appropriate. I expect full reports and photos from each of you. Oh. If you happen to be the artist in closest proximity to yourself, please use good judgment. Otherwise, don't send photos. Thanks and peace.