Saturday, October 07, 2006

Artists Every Where!

Unless you're sitting naked in the woods reading a transcription of this on a piece of bark marked by charcoal stick, everything around you, everything you're touching, seeing, tasting (keep it clean) and probably hearing has been touched by an artist. Designers are in my humble estimation, the most ubiquitous professionals in our lives. One of them designed your car, couch and computer; your underwear, umbrella and your unicycle; your glasses, gummy bears and that damn google icon; and yes, even the imprint on your toilet paper. Someone took their precious time and talent to design little flower art on that soft cushy paper used for swabbing nastiness. America is wonderful, indeed.

And do you find this at all surprising? Not the tush art, you spaz, the universality of art and artists. They are everywhere! But you don't see these anonymous immortals, do you? (Or do you?) Later on, when I have more time I'll tell you what I think about where they are and why. For now, let's just grab (in the best sense of the word) the closest artist and give them a hugenormous hug, kiss, handshake, wink, bonus, raise, paid vacation or whatever gesture of fondness and gratitude may be appropriate. I expect full reports and photos from each of you. Oh. If you happen to be the artist in closest proximity to yourself, please use good judgment. Otherwise, don't send photos. Thanks and peace.


Maximus Doom said...

Ok....I'll buy that for a dollar. The truth is always simple; the guts to be guilty of saying it — priceless!

Topher Allen said...

thanks, man.