Sunday, October 15, 2006

Liars! at

I got the initial idea and concept for this design from the Chevelle song, 'Comfortable Liar.' I highly recommend the song and the band, btw.

If we're honest, which seems only right when discussing lying, most of us lie once in a while. It's not news and we're not proud of it. However, some among us are VERY comfortable torturing the truth. Can you hear it shrieking in pain? These people are so comfortable lying that they make a career out of it. You can see them in action, weaving their comfortable fabrications on a daily basis. Watch tv and and try to pick them out with your friends. Keep score. Award prizes. Hey, let's form a fantasy league! Just don't buy from, vote for or do things to benefit these people. Peace. -t.

So Many Comfortable Liars, by John Boyd

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