Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bryan Ballinger Cracks Me Up!

How about some lite and fluffy goodness? If you didn't know, Bryan Ballinger is a close friend of ours and a reigning 3D wizard. Out of the benevolence of his heart he graces us mud people with his genius and insight, and now teaches design at a small college in Indiana. (An awesome cover for a wizard, ya know.) Bryan is the designer behind our GodZilla shirts, the upcoming BugSoldier and has an endless supply of creativity and off-beat delectability I completely savor. I think these digi-paintings are gorgeous! And there's way more than just these!

Just for fun, here are a few of the BBall pieces that FreakyKids wants to run as prints/posters later this year. These are from a super hero series done for www.DrawerGeeks.com. Check out Bryan and DGs via our "Links" department down and to the right. Lot's of cool stuff by artists of various stripes, several of whom are FreakyFriends.



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