Friday, February 23, 2007

Grateful? Yeah, I guess so...

I am not a habitually grateful human bean. Are you? With me, I'd want to argue that part of it is understandable. It's related to "my calling." [ha!] I love to analyze things that need fixing, oppose injustice and greed, to shine bright light on the supposedly good or benign to expose the falsehood beneath the surface. Some might say I like to joust at windmills practicing while I wait for a true dragon to wander by.

In all the froth, I probably do forget what I'm actually "for" in life. What it is that I like about life and living that keeps me bound to this traveling circus. In my day after day existing, the deep seated thankfulness usually goes unnoticed and almost always unexpressed. It's in there, behind the war of words, deep thinking, and jousting armor. I just need to stop and see it, hear it, feel it and let someone know about it. I know from experience that the ungrateful life is a dry and miserable one. What do you think? Where are you with gratitude?

In the name of being thankful, I'm going to put up, because I certainly can't consider shutting up. Here are a few things that feel solidly in the center of my gratitude circle. Take a few minutes and see what's in yours. It may be time.

Wes, Jon, water, sunshine, birds, good flip-flops, Holly, justice, autum, Paul, Josh, QP, good coffee, Thai food, my brain and sanity (what remains of both), my health (ditto), God (near and far), cherries and tart berries, mercy, kisses, the FreakyKids vision and opportunity to do some good, my new old car (even though it doesn't run yet), a day on a farm in WI, a good hike in the woods, the smell of fresh cut grass, fishing with my boys or brothers, being on the lake before sunset, singing, my sisters, making, enjoying, and buying art, writing (including poetry), helping people figure out life issues and get unstuck...

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